The Grace Players’
Statement of Purpose

We are a group of individuals dedicated to the fruitful mission of performing classical and contemporary plays in the heightened and healing tradition of true storytelling.  It is our intention to produce and perform plays from all over the world in the desire to bring to Los Angeles an international theatrical experience, entertainment, and an understanding of our world. 

The company name originates in the fact that “Grace” includes Truth, Love, Life, Principle, Soul, and Spirit, qualities an artist needs to create.  We are “Players” because even before there were theatres, there were individuals playing, performing and reaching out to tell stories to others, to give enlightenment, joy and deepening understanding of the human condition.  We will build upon this simple yet fervent desire to communicate, whatever form it may take. 

We are a company arising out of common training and common values of the theatre as a place where one goes to hear the truth and be leavened by it.  The group has sprung out of an advanced acting workshop taught by its founder, Natalija Nogulich.  The founding principle of The Grace Players is to base the reality of our work on the truth and commitment to the action of the character.